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The Five Points Business District is accepting applications for the newly formed Design Review Committee.  The deadline is Friday, May 5, 2017.  Application is attached below.


Please send applications via email to or to our office at

2444 Washington Street, Denver, CO 80205.

The Five Points Business District Design Review Committee provides a forum for residents and developers to work toward achieving a better urban environment through attention given to fundamental design principles. Design Review is intended to affect how new development can contribute positively to the Five Points neighborhood. Design Standards and Guidelines are used by Landmark Preservation staff and the Landmark Preservation Commission to evaluate exterior building projects for development within the boundaries of the Five Points Historic Cultural District (District). The new design guidelines offer a tool that will allow new development to respond better to the unique distinctive character of its surroundings and rich African-American history. 


Board Responsibilities

Our seven-member committee is responsible for setting the direction of the new development along the District by review each application prior to the submission to the Landmark Preservation Commission. Our purpose is to assess proposed building designs for compatibility with and enhancement of the District and promote good design. This helps avoid the frustration of commenting on a project that is already far along in the design process. Early interaction with the public also helps developers avoid late-stage design changes, which are difficult and costly to make. At the pre-design meeting, the Applicant describes the opportunities and constraints of the project site and vicinity, and presents the development proposal, including a conceptual site plan and massing diagrams. The public then has an opportunity to respond to what was presented.


Board Member Criteria

The District is a unique area with many established business and new developments along on the corridor every year. We are focused on representing the broad range of interests from the architecture, African-American culture design, developers, contractors and history. We intend the diversity of the committee members to give us the depth and richness of perspective that defines the neighborhood. We currently have four board vacant positions on the committee. 

We plan to fill the vacancy by the end of the second quarter in 2017 with the possibility of expanding our board seats in the near future. 



We anticipate that this Committee will require between 1-2 hours per month depending on how many applications for design review are submitted within the boundaries of the Five Points Historic Cultural District.  Each committee member must commit to participation at a minimum of three per calendar year in order to maintain his or her committee position.


The Board Selection Process

The existing Committee members will select the members from the applications submitted.  If necessary, the committee members will have interviews. 



Click here for Design Review Application.

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