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Randall's at the New Climax Lounge

Proprietor Randall James Borne

RANDALL BORNE REOPENS RANDALL'S ON WELTON STREET . . . When Randall learned that he had to close his five-year-old restaurant and bar, Randall's at Pierre's, to make way for a new townhouse development, he immediately sought out a new space.

He wanted to reopen as soon as possible, but soon discovered that the space he'd found in the 2700 block of Welton Street needed a lot of work. He suddenly needed to find yet another space. In December he landed at the former New Climax at 2217 Welton Street, where he opened the next Randall's on December 19, 2014 exactly eight months after shuttering the 2157 Downing Street location. (That building, which was home to the legendary Pierre's for decades, is now gone altogether.)

Check out the Disco Ball - Randall takes full advantage of the Stage with rotating Jazz & Funk bands every Friday, 6 pm to 9 pm (no cover charge).

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