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The Rolling Pin Bakeshop​




Combining East Coast and European inspiration to guide the flavor of the menu and design of the space, originally built in 1894, the new bakery has high tin ceilings balanced with school-house light fixtures and tiled floors. French bistro tables and wooden chairs as well as a pew from the nearby Methodist church allow a small group a variety of seating options. Thomas says he strives to appeal to a diverse base in the area.

Proprietors, Jay Thomas and Michael Martinez

Thomas spent the early part of his life decorating cakes with his mother, who at the time worked for Keebler while also decorating and selling cakes on the side. With his knowledge and skill in cake decorating, Thomas was able to continue this work in Costco's bakery for nine years before deciding to go back to school in his 40s to study at Johnson & Wales University. Upon graduating he was then offered a teaching position and went on to teach for three years before moving forward with his career. Some of his more recent endeavors included the Brown Palace, Inverness Hotel and Conference Center, the Denver Country Club and a few other well-known kitchens.

Martinez and Thomas met four years ago and realized they both shared the same passion and dream of opening their own little bakery. Martinez already knew the area where they opened the bakery. "My family has been in this neighborhood since the 1920s," he notes. He went to elementary school in Five Points, and he and Thomas now live just a few blocks from where they work.

Ham and Gruyere Croissant

Beautiful cake made for special occasion

The shop currently offers several types of bread by the loaf, croissants (some filled with chocolate, almond paste, apricot and almonds or ham and cheese), breakfast pastries and a variety of decadent French dessert pastries; coffee and espresso drinks are also available.


Cinnamon Raisin Roll

Variety of baked goods

Opera Cake

(Almond sponge cake, coffee syrup, chocolate ganache, coffee buttercream chocolate glaze)

From L to R: Paul Bisenieks, Samantha Rhodes, Jay Thomas, Executive Pastry Chef and Co-owner

"I want to introduce a couple of people to you," says Jay Thomas. Samantha Rhodes and Paul Bisenieks. These two are the ones that make all of the goodies that come out of our kitchen possible. They work their magic to make my dream of creating the best possible croissants, danishes and pastries come true! Next time you are in, please say hi to them. Without these two, none of this would have happened! Thanks Sam and Paul!

Directly next to the light rail in the Five Points neighborhood lies Rosenberg's and the Rolling Pin Bakeshop.

In 2013 Thomas met Josh Pollack - owner of Rosenberg's - at a point in his career where he was considered "over-qualified" for a position at the bagel shop that was being offered. Thomas graciously accepted the baker's position at Rosenberg's after discussing his plan to open a small bakery with Pollack. He soon realized what a big role Pollack would have in making this dream an actual reality. Both chefs - Thomas and Martinez - speak fondly of Pollack and the mentoring role he has taken on while encouraging, guiding and sharing knowledge with them in regards to the process of opening a business in the Five Points neighborhood - their neighborhood.

Weathered and loved rolling pins hang from the wall in decorative way.

The Rolling Pin Bakeshop is located at 2716 Welton Street

Tuesday through Sunday 6 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Breads, pastries, cakes & coffee sold by day in a quaint storefront bakery with an old-world vibe.

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