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800 E. 26th Avenue | Denver, CO | 80205


7 a.m. - 10 p.m.

'A New Kind of Food Experience'

Open for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Denver's newest fried chicken sandwich spot opened in Five Points. Birdcall is the latest from the Park Burger team, led by Jean-Phillipe Failyau and Peter Newlin.

It is the first of what they hope will become many locations for this fast-casual sandwich shop.

From a wide variety of unique all-natural chicken sandwiches, world class salads and milkshakes featuring southern flavors to a breakfast menu including coffee from Denver-based Corvus coffee, birdcall's menu is home cookin' with a twist and leave you feeling satisfied. Birdcall is the first restaurant to offer a simple beer selection through a kiosk.

Scheme Works is responsible for the modern, clean architectural design of Birdcall with custom designed furniture by House Fish, street art and original artwork on the walls from local artists.

The dining room is small yet vibrant, with sliding window-pane doors that open up to a spacious back patio.

Customers can dine in or take out.

Beer, wine, robotically fresh-pressed juices, and locally roasted coffees are also available.

"Everyone on our team is a big fan of design," brand manager Lauren Vaughan explained. "We wanted to tap into that to create a fun space where people can hang-out and grab a casual meal."

With three kiosks in front of the restaurant, guests will swipe their card to access the interactive menu to select or customize their order through a seamless user-interface. Before they know it, their name will appear on a larger screen in the corner with an exact time their order will be ready and will always come out hot.Upon a return visit to birdcall, guests swipe their credit card and their name automatically appears with their previous order providing an option to re-order their favorites or to try something new. Kiosks are touchscreen and simple to use.

In a few months, Birdcall will launch a mobile app to allow customers to order and pay ahead. Inside, the guest's name appears on a screen to let them know when their meal will be ready. The guest is directed by text to a pick-up area.

The menu is tight but offers multiple options for chicken lovers: seven sandwiches that range from Nashville Hot to the Chicken Reuben - plus a burger and four salads. The technological touches may be the calling card of this restaurant, but the fried chicken is what will keep you coming back for more.

With eight sandwiches to choose from, six are built around the crispy, perfectly-seasoned piece of fried chicken. No matter what you order, making it a combo is non-negotiable in our eyes - those thin-cut fries are essential. The portion is heaping for the price, and they're the ultimate example of what a less-processed, more perfect order from McDonald's could be.

"Like an Apple store, we'll still have some front-of-house staff floating around in case you need anything, but we're abandoning the classic order-at-the-counter service," Boynton explained. "This is really our flagship opportunity to explore a new business model that we think is the future of dining out. Two additional locations will come quickly after in the first year with the addition of their first drive-thru location.

Birdcall is built around the idea that fast casual doesn't have to lack exceptional experience.

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