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Winter Session

Winter Session | 2952 Welton St. | Denver, CO 80205 |




Winter Session Outpost, our workshop and storefront, is located in the Five Points neighborhood of Denver. We design and make a majority of our canvas and leather goods right here in our shop, while maintaining a display and retail area stocked with current Winter Session products along with a curated collection of goods from other designers and makers.

Our ongoing mission is to design and produce thoughtful, well-made things in a responsible manner. Operating on a flexible scale, we combine traditional methods and innovative technology to find a balance between utilitarian function, durability and aesthetic appeal. We work hard to create affordable, high quality products meant to last. As for the story behind the name Winter'll have to ask us in person sometime.

Winter Session began in 2010 on the North side of Chicago by Roy and Tanya, partners in creativity, life and love. What started as a side project in mercantilism soon became a full-time gig as they forayed into leatherwork, acquired heavier sewing machines and brought on friends and acquaintances to help with production.

In 2013 the mountains called and the two packed up and moved their headquarters to Denver. Their light-filled space, located in the Five Points district, functions as the site of production, sales and fellowship. You can purchase a stunning canvas Garrison Bag from the storefront and watch as the leather handles that adorn the bag are constructed on the "stitching pony" a few meters to your right.

They seek to find a balance between utilitarian function, aesthetic appeal and real-world durability, using sustainable materials and production methods. They create affordable, high quality products that are meant to last.

Visit their website at

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