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Community to restore mural paying tribute to African American culture

DENVER -- It's easy to miss the murals along Welton Street in the Five Points Historic District. The faces of a different time cover windows into the past.

Down the street though, the past is still alive for Franklin Stiger and his wife Madella. Their barbershop, Franklin Stiger’s Styling Barbershop, has been on that block for almost fifty years.

"This area right here is the place where they call it the Harlem of the West. You had a lot of black musicians, entertainers that would come into Denver," said Madella.

"He cut generations of hair from dad to grandfathers, their children," said Madella.

Franklin has never taken appointments, only walk-ins. He says his loyal customers kept him afloat all these years. "You know Five Points itself, means a lot," said Franklin. But over time, things have changed. “Redevelopment is taking over in this area," said Franklin.

Some worry the history and memories will tear away like the murals on the wall, so the community is raising money to restore them.

“It’s a part of the history of Five Points. There were a lot of the guys way before me,” said Franklin.

And if there's anything the Stiger's have learned, it’s that change is good, but you should never forget where you came from.

"Our children should be able to know and understand what Five Points is all about," said Madella.

A Gofundme page has been set up to help donate here.


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